Moving Checklist


  • Clean out the refrigerator. Be ready to turn off and defrost the day before your move, especially if being transported.
  • Start eating food prepared from your pantry. There will be less to pack and allow a fresh start at your new home.
  • Brainstorm and map out where you would like things to go in your new home.


  • Sell your Items. Take pictures of the items you are trying to sell before your move. These can be posted on the Facebook marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist.
  • Host a yard sale. This can be a great way to eliminate many things all at once. You never know what other people might find value in.
  • Schedule a Junk Removal with us and watch your items disappear right before your eyes.
  • We can transport any items you would like to donate to your collection center of choice.
  • Create a packing supply list and a packing plan. Here are a few of our DIY Packing Tips:
    • If you are packing yourself start with items you use the least, then ask yourself — do I need to access this before my move?
    • Color code and/or label boxes by room or by the room you want them placed at your destination
    • Visit purchasing packing supplies, estimating move cost, and referencing our Packing Planner


  • Make a list of everything to be moved. This list of everything going to your new destination will help us make an accurate moving estimation
  • Make a list of everything you want to get rid of or purge from your home. Sell, Donate, Junk; this three category list will help determine if additional help transporting or disposing of these items.
  • Determine if you need additional storage or if everything will fit in your new home. Millennial Moving Solutions also provides a variety of storage options, including a climate controlled warehouse.
  • Set up cut-off and activation dates for your applicable utilities
  • Review Tax deductions on moving expenses
  • List out all the people/places you need to notify of your upcoming change of address. For Example:
    • Utilities: Internet, Electric, Water, Gas, Cable, Trash Removal, Lawn Care, Telephone
    • Personal: Gym, Mail, Magazines, Newspapers
    • Profesional: Doctor, Dentist, Insurance Agency, School, Accountant, Lawyer, Pharmacy
    • Government: Tax Bureau, Social Security Administration, DMV


  • Unplug and pack all loose electronics
  • Unplug the refrigerator
  • Remove all paintings from walls and put all fragile decor in one area to be packed and handled with extra care
  • Remove and box or bag all linens from the beds